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Hong Kah

For those looking for a nice place to live in Singapore, look no further than the beautiful suburb of Hong Kah.

Hong Kah has all the features that you would expect from a residential precinct including schools, shops and plenty of housing.

Hong Kah Singapore, Community Centre & Hotel Accommodation

As this is the perfect place to raise a family in Singapore, there are three primary schools, eight secondary schools, one tertiary level school and one international school located here. You will also find a lot of green spaces here with a number of parks and recreation reserves.

There are also two community centres located here which encourages people to come together and share in many activities including arts, crafts and sports.

Public transport is excellent within Hong Kah with bus services running all day and late into the evening to accommodate residents at any time of day.

There are also a number of places of worship, medical centres and shopping precincts located here. Hong Kah Point is the town centre which is accessible by bus and boasts all kinds of shops including a post office, banks, dining options, dentists and fashion retailers.

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