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Potong Pasir
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Potong Pasir

Potong Pasir is an urban area located in the North-East region of Singapore. The township is located just between Senette Estate and Toa Payoh whereby it is divided into four different areas.

The town of Potong Pasir has a quite remarkable history since its foundation. The name ‘Potong Pasir’ can be traced back to its historical roots when the place was filled with sand quarries way back from 1910 to 1937. Due to its popularity as a sand mining quarry, the area was called Potong Pasir which translated to English means ‘cut sand’.

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Although vegetable and fish farming have diminished throughout the years, Potong Pasir attracts a lot of tourists due to the delicacies offered within the township. It is therefore common to find many restaurants in the area occupied to full capacity.

Some of the delicious dishes that are popular with both the locals and the tourists in Potong Pasir include; prawn noodles, sliced fish soup, braised duck, fish stew, roast pork, char siew, kway chap, beef noodle and chicken rice. Coffee and tea shops also have frequent customers especially down Orchard road where the gong cha black milk tea with pudding is considered a must taste for every visitor in town.

Travellers who enjoy photography may be interested in the architectural design of the buildings in Potong Pasir. The structures that give the town a unique identity are in the estate along the Upper Serangoon Road. Such remarkable houses within the estate are easy to spot due to the red-bricks attachment and slanted rooftop design.

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