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Kallang Bahru
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Kallang Bahru

Both a residential and an industrial area, Kallang Bahru is a picturesque suburb that provides a wide range of recreational options and modern amenities.

With its pretty buildings and shaded pavements, Kallang Bahru is perfect for residents looking for comfortable afternoons and relaxing evenings.

Kallang Bahru Singapore, Swimming Pool & Hotels

The town has a variety of places you can choose to spend your time in. There are hobby centres, community centres, restaurants and swimming pools.

Kallang Bahru is also well connected by the MRT and a network of buses. The Kallang River flowing through the town adds to the quaint appeal of the place. The industrial sector is a representation of the tremendous growth prospects and prosperity that Kallang Bahru has come to enjoy.

The hub of activities lies in the Kallang Bahru Neighbourhood Centre. Centrally located, the Neighbourhood Centre is conveniently accessible and proves to be a one stop solution for the daily needs of its residents. Eateries, restaurants, medical dispensaries, fruit shops, vegetable markets, superstores, dental clinics are all located here.

The Neighbourhood Centre is within walking distance of the major important locations and is a great place to hang out in the evening. From quaint coffee shops to branded chain stores, it has everything.

Other places of importance in Kallang Bahru include the Moulmein Kallang Town Hall and the Ayer Community Club. There are a number of good schools in the area making it a popular choice amongst families looking for bigger apartments. The homely environment and the general peaceful ambience of Kallang Bahru is definitely a part of its charm.

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