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Joo Koon
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Joo Koon

Joo Koon is located in the western region of Singapore. It is an industrial centre that is surrounded by several small industrial cities.

The Joo Koon MRT Station serves the Joo Koon area and is the final point on the East West MRT Line. Due to the highly industrial focus of the Joo Koon community, factories are the overwhelming feature of this region.

Joo Koon Singapore, Hotel Accommodation & Discovery Centre

Visitors to Joo Koon may be interested in the military Pasir Laba Camp, the military training camp SISPEC and the military training facility TAFTE which are all located here.

One of the main points of interest is the Singapore Discovery Centre which is located right near Joo Koon. This centre provides valuable information about what makes Singapore what it is today. Through telling the story of living under Britain’s rule, Japan’s rule, and Britain’s again, visitors can learn the story of how it became an independent nation. Additional exhibits to explore is the Singapore Armed Forces, a playground and a display aircraft round out the Singapore Discovery Centre.

The Arena Country Club is also a notable recreation spot in Joo Koon which has a golf course, gym, restaurant and pool. Many residents come here for a friendly game of golf followed by a drink or a meal in the relaxing bar.

Those travelling to Joo Koon will find that the MRT station has many amenities include a clinic, convenience store, eatery and ATMs. A bus service is also available to move around Joo Koon and the bus terminal has recently been upgraded.

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