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Considered one of the oldest towns in Singapore, Bedok is a hilly area where residences, parks and multiplexes enjoy one of the best views in the country.

Bedok offers executive housing with over 60,000 condominiums and apartments in the New Town area alone, most of them with three and four bedrooms.

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Residences and the industrial area were built with a suburban concept in mind. Already in construction, a complex with an area equivalent to three football stadiums will include a library, sports centre, hospital and a centre that will offer services for the elderly. It will also include the Kampong Chai Chee Community Club.

Being a largely residential area, Bedok offers all kinds of facilities like hospitals, shopping centres and schools. For sports lovers, a football stadium is located on Bedok North Street and has a 3,864 audience capacity and serves as the home court for the Geylang International FC, one of the most successful football teams in Singapore.

In the south-west of Bedok Town Centre, you will find the MRT Station. On the north side, you will find the Temporary Bus Interchange connected by SBS Transit, feeder services and trunk services. There is also a good range of restaurants here including J’s Wok and Grill, To-gather Cafe and Wawawa-Bistro by the Reservoir.

If you like outdoor sports, Bedok Reservoir Park offers facilities for jogging, water sports, cycling, fitness and fishing. For art lovers, you can visit Yati’s Gallery and Workshop to enjoy abstract and modern art as well as taking part in art lessons and courses.

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