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Arab Street

Arab Street

A visit to Singapore is not complete without setting foot in the famous Arab Street. This is a region that is easily accessible by road with a number of taxis providing transportation.

Historically, this region was created after Raffles signed a treaty with Hussein Mohammed Shah, who had just been installed as the Sultan. This area was allotted to the sultan and became to be recognised as a Muslim settlement.

Arab Street Singapore, MRT, Food, Restaurants & Shopping Map

Within a short period of time, the region had started to attract Malays and people from Sumatra, some Javanese also chose to establish themselves the area. In addition, some well-known traders from Eastern Yemen also settled in this region.

Today, Singapore’s Arab communities who are descendants from the Yemeni traders have occupied this region known today as Arab Street. People from across the globe come here in search of colourful fabrics that are synonymous with the Persian and Yemeni cultures.

Apart from fabric stores, visitors will also be able to purchase leather, perfumes and jewellery here. Make sure to step inside the many tiny shops that dot the streets, as you must walk inside to truly appreciate all the goods on offer. There are plenty of places to eat here too, so try one of the traditional curry dishes or some street food from a local vendor.

Your visit would be incomplete without visiting the Sultan Mosque. It is the oldest mosque in Singapore and was gazetted in 1975 as a national monument due to its religious and historical importance.

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