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Sultan Mosque

Sultan Mosque

If you are planning to visit Singapore, your visit would be incomplete without visiting the Sultan Mosque. It is the oldest mosque in Singapore and is located in Kampong Glam district.

It was designed by Denis Santry, an Irish architect. Its construction was completed in 1928 and was built using materials donated by Muslims from different walks of life.

Sultan Mosque Dress Code, Hours & Prayer Times, Singapore

The rich donated gold, whilst the poor donated glass bottles. Gold was used to construct its massive two dome base and the glass bottles were used to construct other structures or to decorate it. The Sultan Mosque is fenced with iron rails. In 1975, the mosque was gazetted as a national monument due to its religious and historical importance.

The Sultan Mosque has massive prayer hall that can accommodate up to 5000 Muslim faithful. Absolutions for men and women are located outside the mosque. Every year, the mosque receives thousands of visits drawn from all parts of the world.

The best time to visit the mosque is between September and November when Muslims are celebrating the month of Ramadan and Hari Raya Haji. During these festivals, there are a lot of people and delicacies served near the mosque. However, if you visit the Sultan Mosque any other time, you will be able to get some delicious food to Zam Zam restaurant which is adjacent to the mosque.

Non-Muslims are permitted to enter the mosque but they have to wear a blue robe provided at the entrance. You can also take photos within the mosque so long as you do it quietly. Visitors are only allowed to enter via the Main Entrance only (facing The Bussorah Mall) and must also remove footwear. Please be respectful and maintain silence whilst inside the mosque. Photo taking is permitted.

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