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The Animal Resort

The Animal Resort

The Animal Resort is a popular attraction located in the isolated Seletar West Farmway. It is best known for its features that give visitors a glimpse into life in rural Singapore, complete with its renowned ‘kampong‘ style setting.

The Animal Resort, Ticket Price, Getting There & Open Hours, Singapore

The Animal Resort was established in 2002, and the main activity on location is the feeding of the farm animals. This is an exciting activity for the whole family, and is a great way for the kids to learn more about life on a farm.

On arrival at the resort, the first stop is at the main building as this is where visitors get food to give the animals. It is important to mention that the animals must not be fed with any other food except that which is bought on location. The food is available at a cost of $2 for every 3 packets of animal feed with the exception of horse feed.

After purchasing some food, head to the wooden shed where the different species of animals are housed. Here, you will find the guinea pigs and rabbits. The kids are usually very excited to feed the rabbits, making it a fun and lively experience. If you purchase fish food, you will have a chance to watch them come to the surface to feed.

The Animal Resort is a bird sanctuary of sorts, due to the sheer number of bird species living here. There are plenty of birds to feed, and this is one of the most popular activities to indulge in while at the farm. Look out for the fowls, geese, Marabous storks, the crown crane and the parrots, amongst others.

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81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Sengkang, Singapore

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