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Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre

The Tekka Centre is a multi-purpose building complex that boasts of a wet market, food stalls and retails stores, undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions.

This centre is fondly referred to as Little India’s colourful hawker market, and for good reason.

Tekka Centre, Best Food in Little India, Opening Hours Singapore

The first thing that you will notice on arrival at the centre is the array of colours that bring the setting to life, welcoming both locals and visitors to experience its charm. This landmark centre was renovated in recent years which has turned it into a popular tourist destination. What was once an abattoir in the early 20th century is today a bustling centre and home to some of the island’s best wet markets.

There are different places to eat, and this comes as no surprise because the famed biryani at Tekka Centre is worth every bite. Start off this culinary journey at Yakader, or opt for Allaudin. If you would love to sample the best Indian cuisine, nothing beats a delicious bowl of butter chicken and garlic naan at SJ Tandoori. Temasek Indian Rojak is perfect if you need a comfortable place to enjoy communal dining. While at it, sample the mixed plates often drenched in spicy sauces.

Tekka Centre is not just about Indian cuisines as the centre also offers the best of Chinese dishes. Hengi Gi Goose and Duck Rice is an incredible place, best known for its rich duck breast and rice. Look out for Swee Heng Teochew Porridge Rice for its amazing combination options, or pass by 545 Whampoa Prawn for the tastiest prawn noodles.

Since the centre is also home to wet markets, you can be sure to get halal-slaughtered meat and seafood, particularly crabs from Sri Lanka. In addition to this, the centre also sells fresh produce and dry goods for all your grocery needs.

A trip to this centre is incomplete without shopping for traditional Indian costumes and casual clothes at different stalls. These stalls are also popular for selling Buddhist paraphernalia, so if you are in need of unique souvenirs, this is the place to be.

Tekka Centre is easily accessible from the Little India MRT Station.

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