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Reflections At Bukit Chandu
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Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Singapore has developed to become one of the most visited tourism sites in the world and one of the most popular museum attractions is Reflections at Bukit Chandu.

Bukit Chandu simply means Opium Hill, derived from an opium-processing plant that was established by the British at the foot of the hill.

Reflections at Bukit Chandu Singapore, Museum Hours & Entrance

This centre is home to what many refer to as the most violent war, the Battle of Bukit Chandu. Currently, it is an interpretive site for World War II; playing host to various original accounts from survivor witnesses, artefacts, footage and maps about the brutal but significant fall of Singapore.

The major reflection on this archives museum is the troops of the Malay Regiment fighters, who unsuccessfully fought to the last man against the Japanese soldiers in their attempts to prevent the colonization of Singapore. Despite their defeat, they are remembered for their selflessness and courage as they saw it better to die for their country than live under a Japanese regime.

As a result, this site was developed in their remembrance by the Singapore’s National Archives. It was established on the 15th day of February 2002, which marked sixty years since their vicious fall.

While at the centre, there are many attractions for visitors to see. The most famous ones are the sculptures showing the soldiers of Malay Regiment. There are a lot of exhibitions at the centre all based on the history of Singapore. These are represented through photograph galleries, artefacts, documentaries, maps as well as witness accounts from survivors.

The presentations and exhibitions help visitors reflect and relive the heritage of heroic acts by the soldiers who gave their own lives in order to fight for Singapore’s sovereignty.

When visiting, make sure you take a walk through the Singapore Island to see the historical forts and bunkers as well as visit the Labrador Nature reserve.

You can get to Bukit Chandu by bus or the MRT. The nearest train stations are Pasir Panjang MRT (CC26) and HarbourFront MRT (NE1). There is also free parking available at Carparks C and D at Pepys Road.

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Closed from 1 October 2018 for a major redevelopment. The revamped museum will reopen in early 2021

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