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Parkview Square

Parkview Square

Parkview Square is a modern building tucked away in the heart of the vibrant Garden City, and one of the most iconic landmarks in Singapore’s skyline.

Fondly referred to as the Batman Building, Parkview Square takes great pride in effortlessly blending classic tradition design with contemporary elegance making it a prime spot in the region.

Parkview Square, Atlas Singapore Bar, Opening Hours & Address

The building’s address in Central Region of Singapore makes it one of the priciest art deco buildings in the country. Its proximity to the commercial hub at Marina Centre makes it a buzzing metropolis in its own right. Needless to say, it is almost impossible to miss the towering brown building clad in glass, granite and bronze.

A tour of this elegant architectural work of art begins in the lobby area that also features the art deco style. The high ceilings create a cosy feel and a warm ambience that welcomes you to experience timeless magnificence in the heart of Singapore.

There is a bar in the lobby area too, and perhaps what stands out the most is its distinct wine chiller for the perfect glass of wine. The chiller has 3-storeys, stacked with some of the world’s finest wines. A bar tender is at hand to serve you, so look out for the flying wire structure used to retrieve the drinks!

Take a walk to the open plaza and marvel at the sheer artistry that dots Parkview Square. Art enthusiasts will certainly enjoy this part of Parkview – it is like walking back in time to Venice and scouring the city’s majestic statues and sculptures. Take a closer look and you should be able to spot effigies of world icons from different fields, including Pablo Picasso, Shakespeare, Mozart and Abraham Lincoln among others.

At the centre of the plaza lies a statue of a golden crane, with its head arched towards China and a poem on the pedestal. This statue is meant to attract wealth and prosperity to the building, and is a remarkable aspect of the ‘Batman Building’.

Take some time and soak in the classic elegance of Parkview Square in Singapore.

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