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Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is one of Singapore’s most popular children’s attractions. At the core of the garden’s functions is the need to provide a safe space for the kids to explore, learn and play.

The garden’s theme, ‘All Life on Earth Depends on Plants’ guides the wide range of activities in which kids can immerse themselves. The garden seeks to impart knowledge while instilling a love and reverence for Mother Nature.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Botanic Gardens Cafe & Map Singapore

The park is named after Jacob Ballas, a Jewish businessman and philanthropist who called Singapore home. Upon his death, he donated tens of millions of dollars to various Singaporean charities, and therefore this park was named in his honour.

The garden covers over 2-hectares and features many fun stations all with a specific purpose. The Sensory Garden, for instance, allows the children to learn more about Mother Nature by using their senses including sight, smell and touch.

The Waterfall Cave is also a favourite spot for many kids. By standing right behind the waterfall, the little ones have an excellent view of the forest that lies ahead. The forest provides a great platform for the kids to learn about environmental conservation while running amongst the trees.

The Swinging Suspension Bridge is a must-experience for visitors spending some time at this garden. The younger kids are often scared of taking the first step on the bridge, but this fear slowly gives way to a courageous sense of adventure. Away from the bridge, parents and kids get to enjoy the Log Walk, a simple but excellent activity for bonding with the little ones.

Other attractions worth noting at the gardens include the Tall Tree House, The Water Play Area whose fountains provide respite from the summer heat as well as The Hedge Maze. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a must-visit for families travelling to Singapore. Entry is free, but adults must be accompanied by kids.

Please note that glass objects, bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other related items are not allowed in the Children’s Garden. Also, the consumption of meals is also not permitted in the Children’s Garden. There is a cafe located south of the gardens where you can grab a meal.

You can get here by taking the MRT and alighting at the Botanic Gardens MRT Station (Circle Line) and walking a short 10 minutes to the garden.

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