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G-max Reverse Bungy

G-MAX Reverse Bungy

Imagine being catapulted into the air only to be pulled back once you are there, that’s what the G-Max Reverse Bungy Jump is all about.

Instead of jumping off a cliff or a bridge, reverse bungy jumpers are hurled into the air whist strapped into a seat. The result? An adrenaline rush like no other!

G-MAX Reverse Bungy Jump Singapore, Ticket Prices & Hours

Today, the bungy jumping industry in Singapore has become one of the most innovative in the world. Clarke Quay’s novel reverse bungy ride began its operations in 2003. Instead of jumping off, a maximum of three passengers are strapped down into the G-Max machine, an open-air capsule held by bungy cords. Once secured, the capsule is released and catapulted about 60 metres into the air. The passengers jolt up and down between 35 metre tall towers at the speed of about 50 metres per second!

Due to this nature of this adventure ride, passengers need to be at least 1.2 metres tall, 12 years of age, cannot be pregnant and must have no history of any heart-related problems.

If catching public transport to G-Max Reverse Bungy, Catch the MRT to Clarke Quay and exit on to Eu Tong Sen Street, the attraction is located along the river.

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What is the G-MAX Reverse Bungy address?
What are the G-MAX Reverse Bungy opening hours?
What are the G-MAX Reverse Bungy entry prices?
G-Max Reverse Bungy: $45
GX-5 Extreme Swing: $45
Max-Combo (Both Rides): $69

Student rates:
G-Max: $3
GX-5: $35
Max-Combo (Both Rides): $50

Please visit our website for more information on the G-MAX Reverse Bungy.
What is the G-MAX Reverse Bungy phone number?

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