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Flying Trapeze
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Flying Trapeze

Most tourists around the world are familiar with Sentosa Island in Singapore. Indeed, anyone who plans a trip to Singapore should definitely make time to tour this popular island resort.

Sentosa Island includes several attractions for tourists and locals alike and has a number of fun things to do, including the Flying Trapeze.

Flying Trapeze Singapore, Siloso Beach Ticket Price & Car Park

Amongst the many new attractions added to Sentosa Island, the Flying Trapeze is a recent addition. It is a unique attraction that allows visitors to swing high in the air on a trapeze, just like circus professionals.

The Flying Trapeze is located in Siloso beach, Sentosa Island. There are experts who can teach novices with the basics of trapeze swinging and learn acrobatic styles like the pirouettes, somersaults, knee hangs and midair splits as well.

The Flying Trapeze is located on a long and sheltered beach which has over fourteen hotels and resorts. After your experience, you can enjoy a meal at the Trapizza restaurant which serves delicious Italian fare.

To get to the Flying Trapeze, walk down the beach from Beach Station. Or if coming by the Sentosa Beach Tram, alight at Siloso Point Stop. The nearest carpark is the Beach Station carpark which is within close walking distance.

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