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Tuas is located in the most western section of Singapore and provides a unique environment for travellers to visit during their time in Singapore.

One of Tuas’ greatest assets is the presence of the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, a bridge that connects Singapore to Malaysia. This provides an easy and accessible way for travellers to move easily between the two countries.

Tuas Singapore, Second Link Bridge & Hotel Accommodation

The second link usually provides a less congested pathway between Singapore and Malaysia than the other more popular route between them, the causeway. Travellers will pass through a checkpoint on each end of the second link bridge, which require a toll charge to be paid based upon the vehicle that is crossing the bridge.

Although traffic is usually not a significant issue on the second link bridge, travellers should be prepared for large amounts of travellers that move through this route during holidays.

Although Tuas was originally an established fishing village, it became an industrial region in the 1980s when public housing was brought to the area. Currently, Tuas houses two of only four incinerators found in the country of Singapore. Power companies and energy development methods are therefore a major focus of the Tuas industrial community.

An additional emerging industry in Tuas is the pharmaceutical industry that has launched a cell therapy manufacturing facility. In order to support its working residents, Tuas has supplied low cost housing to its residents who work in the area.

Buses run throughout Tuas and can be utilised by travellers as well as residents of Tuas as a way to get around the area. Travellers will quickly recognise that the primary focus of Tuas is work, but they will also be able to find some recreation at the Raffles Country Club, which is located along the coast and includes a golf course.

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