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Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Siglap is a peaceful residential area comprising mostly of low rise houses and bungalows.

Over the years, several luxurious condos have mushroomed in the Siglap area making it a hub of expat activity.

Siglap Singapore, Community Centre, Restaurants, MRT & Malls

It is interesting to note that Siglap had been home to pirates until the 1800s. Today, it is a quiet beach side locale shaded by foliage and leafy trees. The name itself is derived from a Malay word ‘gelap’ meaning ‘the darkness that conceals’.

Siglap is a peaceful suburb which represents the perfect blending of modern living and serenity. Siglap Community Centre and Siglap South Community Centre are sites of lots of activity and have a range of recreational options.

The East Coast Road and Upper East Coast Road are lined with restaurants and other entertainment options making them the perfect place to spend your evening. Quaint eateries with local cuisine or global fast food chains are also located here.

Siglap is connected by a well-established network of buses and rail, making it easy to get from one place to another. The best thing about living in a peaceful place like this is the diversity it has to offer. You can walk into the local markets for the freshest fruits and vegetables. There is also the option of Western staples like Starbucks for your daily fix of coffee.

There are several options for shopping as well, from the nearby shopping districts to malls like the Parkway parade. Moreover, with a football ground of its own and the town park leading directly to the beach, Siglap has everything to offer its residents. Thus it suffices to conclude that Siglap is a great place to visit or to live in. If you are looking for accommodation, click the link below to find the best deals.

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