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The town of Senoko was founded in the year 1830 and is generally known for the Senoko Power Station, which generates and supplies electricity for the country of Singapore.

Located at the northern-most point of Singapore, Senoko also hosts a lively fishing port which is one of the largest ports in Singapore.

Senoko Singapore, Hotel Accommodation, SMRT Station & Map

Opened in 1976 the Senoko Power Station is the largest in Singapore and employs thousands of locals. Therefore many people live in and around Senoko, making this area a mostly industrial and residential location in Singapore.

There is an SMRT Service goes to Senoko Industrial Estate (the 981), and SMRT Services 169 and 856 goes through Admiralty Road West.

There are not many activities or attractions in Senoko, but you can find Woodlands Park and Admiralty Park in the nearby suburb of Woodlands.

There are not many accommodation options for Senoko, so click the link below to find a range of accommodation options in other areas of Singapore.

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