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Marina East
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Marina East

Marina East is the ultimate definition of serenity, beauty, relaxation, luxury and attraction all combined in one spectacular location.

Located on the East Coast of Marina Bay in Singapore, it is an ideal place to visit where you can get a spectacular view of downtown Singapore.

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An elegant identity of Marina East is the awesome marquee, stretched by the beautifully swaying palm trees and large outdoor lawns, making it a unique place to enjoy charming strolls and picnics. Compounding such a pleasing landscape are the heritage gardens, themed to demonstrate the rich history and culture of Singapore.

The main attraction in Marina East is the magnificent golf club known as the Marina Bay Golf Course. At this course, golfers come from all over the world to play a round or two this is Singapore’s only 18-hole golf course that is open to the public. This 72 par course also has a world-class driving range where you can come to perfect your swing before heading out for a game.

Your view from Marina East is excellent as you will be able to overlook Marina Bay and the spectacular skyline. One of the best attractions which can be viewed from the course is the Singapore Flyer, a gigantic Ferris wheel erected near the shore of Marina Bay. At a total height of 165 metres, it was the World’s Largest Observation Wheel during its opening in 2008. The observation wheel has 28 air-conditioned capsules, each of which can carry 28 passengers. The capsules are specifically mounted along the wheel’s outboard rim so as to give patrons a continuous unobstructed view. A complete cycle around the giant observation wheel lasts about 32 minutes.

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