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Telok Ayer Market

Telok Ayer Market

The Telok Ayer Market is one of Singapore’s most famous hawker centres; best known as its nickname, Lau Pa Sat.

This historic foodie paradise is a must-visit for both the excellent food and its rich heritage.

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The first market opened in 1823, but back then it was only a simple structure made out of timber and attap. The original structure wasn’t durable, so it underwent several renovations, replacements, and demolitions. The new market building finally reopened in 2014 and stands out among the dozens of other hawker centres in Singapore for its unique architecture and octagonal design.

The building features cast-iron pillars and Victorian influences, which are evident throughout. Massive ceiling fans provide ventilation for the comfort of diners and staff. The centre has not one, not two, but eight entrances which also contribute to improved air circulation.

Perhaps its most prominent feature is the elegant clock tower, which can be seen from quite a distance. It’s located on the crown of a lantern, and both the clock tower and lantern are adorned with intricate filigrees that resemble a pavilion.

Make sure to come hungry when you visit the Telok Ayer Market; you’ll have dozens of stalls to choose from. Singapore’s best and most authentic dishes are well-represented here, but there are also stalls selling Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and specialty shops offering noodles, curry, and much more. Tea, juices, and alcoholic beverages are available here as well. Best of all, everything is incredibly affordable – it is a hawker centre, after all!

The market brims with activity during lunchtime since it’s the lunch spot of choice for many workers from the nearby office buildings. It gets just as busy in the evenings, as both locals and tourists enjoy knocking back a few beers with cheap eats. Weekend visitors are treated to live bands as well.

The Telok Ayer Market is open 24 hours a day. It’s located in downtown Singapore at 18 Raffles Quay.

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