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St Joseph’s Church

St Joseph’s Church

St Joseph’s Church is a Roman Catholic church in Singapore located on Victoria Street which was constructed between 1906 and 1912.

The beautiful architecture of the church is one reason why it is such a popular place to visit whilst on a tour of Singapore.

St Joseph’s Church, Roman Catholic Gothic Church, Singapore

St Joseph’s Church was built in a Gothic Revival style with a portico supported by four columns. The church is laid in the form of a Latin cross and over time, new buildings have been added to the church.

While visiting Singapore you can choose to attend mass here and enjoy the view of this holy building that is much loved by both locals and visitors.

Sometimes it is not possible to go inside the church during mass services, so visitors will need to be respectful of signage which will advise times when admittance is not possible. At all other times, visitors are permitted inside, but please remove your hats and no flash photography is permitted.

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What are the St Joseph’s Church opening hours?
Mass Services (English)
Weekday Mass: 1.15pm, 6.30pm
Saturday Mass: 5pm (English)
Sunday Mass : 8am, 10am, 5pm

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