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St Johns Island
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St Johns Island

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St John’s Island is one of the southern islands of Singapore. Located around 6.5 kilometres away from the main island, it was once known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera.

Although considered an underrated tourist attraction in Singapore, the island has a long, albeit peculiar history.

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During the late 19th century, it functioned as the site of quarantine for immigrants who had cholera, and by 1901, beriberi patients were also brought in.

In 1930, the island functioned as a quarantine screening centre; especially for Asian immigrants and pilgrims who were travelling back from Mecca. Later on, the island started housing drug rehabilitators and political prisoners.

Today, St. John’s Island is a beautiful day trip destination. It underwent a facelift in 1975 and is now being promoted for its tourist attractions. If you’re looking for something more laid back while in Singapore, or away from the urban jungle, look no further for its tranquil beaches, picnic areas, and scenic lagoons.

Getting here is easy: just head to the Marina South Pier, purchase tickets from the Singapore Island Cruise kiosk located on the pier’s main entrance and sail away on a ferry.

Mangroves, coral reefs, and coastal plants are thriving on the island, which adds to its natural beauty. Going on a guided nature walk with the Tropical Marine Science Institute is highly recommended; the marine research facility has operations on the island and organises tours for public education in marine science.

Other popular activities here include trekking, fishing, and camping. If you’d like to stay a night or two, some cosy chalets and bungalows on the island can accommodate you.

Another popular activity is visiting Lazarus Island, which can be accessed by a small paved bridge. This short walk will take you to some secluded beaches, as well as some lagoons, where you can enjoy a picnic. Just make sure to bring supplies since the islands don’t have any food and beverage shops.

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