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Sri Sivan Temple

Sri Sivan Temple

The Sri Sivan Temple is a Hindu temple in Singapore built to worship the god Shiva.

Its original location was in Potong Pasir, although it was relocated thrice before its current location.

Sri Sivan Temple, Timings, Hours & Location, Paya Lebar Singapore

During World War II, some of the secondary deities and the temple foundations were damaged. This called for further renovations, although many more occurred since then.

Today, it is managed by the Hindu Endowments Board who has been responsible for the many updates and refurbishing which have made it one of the primary Hindu temples in Singapore today. The temple was gazetted in 1915 and is now an important national monument in Singapore.

Its features include an octagonal structure, staff quarters, and a multi-purpose hall. The present-day temple is around four times the size of the former temple. The deities present include Sri Vinayagar, Sri Navagraham, Sri Viswanathar, Sri Kalabairavar, Sri Suriyan, Sri Murugan, Sri Saneeswaran, Sri Chandiran, Sri Visalakshi, Sri Nandhikeshwarar, Sri Chandikeshwarar, and Sri Dhakshinamoorthy.

Several Hindu festivals are held at the temple. The daily Pooja takes place several times throughout the day starting at 6am. Other festivals include the Maha Shivaratri, Vasantha Navratri, Guru Peryarchi, Navatri, Skantha Shasti, and the Pradoshal Prathosam twice a month with prayers and a free feast. The temple administers services including Project Bhakti, homeopathy, and Thevaram classes.

When visiting the temple, as with other Hindu temples, one must come in the proper attire: covered shoulders (at least by using a shawl), skirts or trousers which cover the knees, and no tight or revealing clothing. Shoes should be removed prior to entry. Please take note that it is forbidden to enter the sanctums or shrines. Talking loudly, hugging, and public displays of affection are not allowed within the temple.

Sri Sivan Temple is located at 24 Geylang East Avenue 2 in Singapore.

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