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Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

The Sri Mariamman Temple is one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temples. This magnificent monument of architecture is located in the downtown area of the Chinatown district.

This building mainly serves as a temple for Singaporeans who profess the Hindu faith. Founded in 1827 by Naraina Pillai, this temple has become a site of national significance that is rich in history.

Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore, Opening Hours & Fee

A visit to the Sri Mariamman Temple offers you a glimpse into the rich history and role that it played in the lives of many people in this region. In essence, this temple served as a refugee centre for new immigrants, particularly the South Indian Tamil Hindus. Thereafter, the temple became a very significant place of worship and shelter for immigrants. This temple was also used as a centre for registering marriages for Hindus.

Today, the Sri Mariamman Temple is reputable for holding a variety of functions. Visitors are also welcome to be a part of religious services held here. In addition, various social functions and celebrations that attract tourists and travellers take place in this temple. Due to its rich history, there are professionals and tour guides in place who offer the visitors cultural background and some educational element about the artefacts in the temple.

One of the most captivating events held in the temple is the annual fire walking ceremony, also known as the ‘timiti’, is held a few days before the Deepavali, which is the festival of lights. The temple is also home to a variety of rare art and architecture.

The temple is strategically located in the Chinatown Heritage centre, a location that is easily accessible by road. So make sure you visit this culturally significant building during your next tour of Singapore.

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