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Singapore Quarry

Singapore Quarry

The Singapore Quarry is a great place to come and relax during your stay in Singapore, as the water is surrounded by trees and makes for a calming destination.

The Singapore Quarry is also a popular hiking spot with a number of walking trails around the quarry where you can enjoy a quiet stroll.

Singapore Quarry, Wetland Park Hiking Trails & Dairy Farm Open Hours

Maintained by the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the Singapore Quarry houses plenty of fish and water turtles which you can see swimming across the pools of water as well as monkeys that will swing from the trees overhead. The quarry neighbours the Dairy Farm Nature Park, which when combined with the larger Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, offers an unforgettable outdoor trekking experience.

To visit the quarry, the best starting point is behind the Rail Mall, which is along the Upper Bukit Timah Road, and in the Fu Yong Estate. Drive until the Jalan Asas and then cross the wooden bridge to start a 700 metre walk to the quarry.

Head over to the viewing platforms and enjoy the wetland area which will be teeming with birdlife. Here you will be able to appreciate Singapore’s unique flora and fauna. No pets allowed in the nature park. Dogs on leashes are only allowed on the tarmac road only and not nature trails. Please also do not feed the monkeys and make sure you have all your food and personal items secured.

So wear your most comfortable walking shoes and come for a morning stroll through this beautiful natural landscape.

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