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Sim Lim Tower

Sim Lim Tower

Sim Lim Tower is a tech and IT-lover’s shopping paradise.

The 17 floors of the mall are occupied by tenants specialising in just about everything electronic, IT, and tech.

Sim Lim Tower, Shops, Parking, Opening Hours & Electronics, Singapore

Locals and tourists alike frequent the mall for bargains on electronics. You’ll find big and small components, audio-visual equipment, computers, mobile phones and accessories – even SIM cards.

Home electronics, engineering devices, robotics kits, solar panels, wires, and cables can all be found here as well – at great prices!

When shopping here, it’s recommended to scout around other shops. You never know when you might find what you’re looking for at an even lower price.

If you come from another country, it would be wise to research the compatibility of certain electronics with your voltage back home. Otherwise, you may need to purchase the necessary adaptors or voltage converters.

Sim Lim Tower is located at 10 Jalan Besar in Singapore.

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