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Saint Joseph’s Church
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Saint Joseph’s Church

The Church of Saint Joseph is a Roman Catholic church located in Victoria Street, Singapore.

The church, which was built from 1906-1912 in a Gothic style, has had a long and rich history in which the Portuguese Mission played an important role.

Saint Joseph’s Church, Sunday Mass Schedule, Victoria Street Singapore

Father Francisco da Silva Pinto e Maia, of Porto, served as the head of the Portuguese Mission. He founded the Mission when he arrived in Singapore from Goa in 1826, and before his death in 1850, he left money and land behind which would go to building a church. Some of the money also came from Portuguese Missions who were in China.

The church was first called Sao Jose, which translates to Saint Joseph in English. It was built by Father Francisco’s successor, Reverend Vincente de Santa Catarina to service the Portuguese and Eurasian Catholics living in Singapore at the time. Over time, the congregation began to grow, and this resulted in the demolition of the church in 1906 to make way for building a brand new church on the same location; this time designed by renowned architectural firm Swan & Maclaren.

The many Portuguese-inspired traditions at the Church of Saint Joseph makes it stand out among other Roman Catholic churches in Singapore. It is also the preferred church for mass and sacraments for many of the Catholic population in the country. Pastoral services offered here include anointing of the sick, baptisms, catechism for children, the chapel of resurrection, church weddings, confessions, confirmations, funerals, holy communion for the sick, house blessings, marriage preparation courses, mass intentions, columbarium niches, nightly prayers, and pastoral care for the sick in hospitals.

Regular mass schedules are held on weekdays at 6:30am and 6:30pm, Saturdays at 6:30am and 5:30pm. On Sundays, Mandarin mass is 7:30am, and English mass at 9am, 11am, and 5:30pm. Mass during public holidays is held at 8am. Confessions take place 15 minutes before mass.

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