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Peoples Park Complex

Peoples Park Complex

The People’s Park Complex is a commercial and residential high-rise building in Singapore’s Chinatown.

At 103 meters high, the building was among the first shopping centres of its kind to be built in Southeast Asia back in the early seventies.

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It initially started as a 6-storey mall before the development of the residential tower in 1973. It was the first multi-use building in Singapore; integrated with residential, shopping, and commercial spaces; including a car park in one development.

The ground level atrium was envisioned to be a flurry of activity for shops and businesses, while the tower above was dedicated to residential use. The building has retained its brick-style architecture, with Chinese characters imprinted on its narrow facade.

Due to its location in Chinatown, most of the vendors here sell a variety of China-made items such as souvenirs, fabrics, food, jewellery, and much more. The central atrium is dominated by travel agencies, electronics vendors, and spas. Many of the Chinese residents still use this space for gathering, eating, and shopping. The top floors are still used as apartments and offices.

People’s Park Complex is located at 1 Park Road in Singapore.

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