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Peninsula Shopping Centre

Peninsula Shopping Centre

The Peninsula Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls.

Its heritage dates back to 1829 when Sir Stamford Raffles had his Irish architect by the name of George Drumgoole Coleman build him a house.

Peninsula Shopping Centre, Shops, Food, Hours & Parking, Singapore

By 1841, Coleman had to leave Singapore because of deteriorating health, and in 1865 the property was converted into an upscale hotel. The hotel was eventually demolished in 1965, and the shopping centre was built in 1971.

Its glory days may be long gone, but visitors seeking a unique shopping experience are encouraged to check out the mall.

There are bargains to be found if you look well, especially when it comes to music instruments; such as drums, and acoustic & electric guitars. There are also several camera shops, watch dealers, money changers, tailors, and much more inside.

There is also a number of food outlets, which include the YaXiYa Bar & Bistro, a Burmese restaurant called Mandalay Style, and the SideWalk Foodcourt, which houses a number of noodles, Chinese, hotpot and Western hawker-type stalls.

The Peninsula Shopping Centre is located at 3 Coleman Street in Singapore. Open daily from 8am to 10pm.