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Parliament Of Singapore

Parliament of Singapore

The Parliament of Singapore is a cultural attraction located in the Civic District of Singapore.

Former president Ong Teng Cheong was commissioned to design the landmark while ensuring it represented authority and stateliness; evident in its red prism-shaped roof and stately white facade.

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This political institution is a great place to visit for the public and students who want to learn more about the history of Singapore and the role that parliament plays. It provides useful insight into how the parliament system works, how laws are made and passed, and much more.

A variety of public tours are offered that include Programme A: Visit on Non-Sitting Day, Programme B: Parliament in Session, Programme C: Moot Parliament, Programme D: Visit on Non-Sitting Day For Primary Schools, Programme E: Holiday Enrichment Programme for Secondary Schools, and tours for the general public.

Visitors, including foreigners and Singapore citizens above the age of 6, are welcome to attend proceedings of parliament; dates can be found through the website and media. These usually start at 1:30pm and continue until adjournment. There is a break of 15 up to 20 minutes in each sitting, and visitors are free to arrive and leave any time in between the start and end.

It’s important to note that visitors are obligated to bow to the Chair when you enter and exit the Public Gallery. During the sitting, you need to refrain from being noisy or talking, interrupting proceedings, reading papers or books, or drawing and sketching.

The public entrance, near Parliament Place, should be used for those attending proceedings. Please remember to bring along a passport or valid identity card to obtain an Admission Order, which are given on a first-come, first-served basis at the lobby of the Public Entrance.

Other things to keep in mind when attending proceedings are to dress conservatively, don’t take photographs, and do not come in clothing that bears a political party affiliation or inappropriate slogans, words, or symbols. Additionally, all visitors are required to submit belongings and bags for deposit at the Terrace. The items will be kept at lockers for a fee of 40 cents for small lockers and 60 cents for medium lockers for one-time use.

The Parliament of Singapore doesn’t accept reservations or bookings of seats. However, admission is usually easily granted for as long as there are seats available.

Other attractions near the building include Raffles Place, the Singapore River, and the Supreme Court.

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What is the Parliament of Singapore address?
What are the Parliament of Singapore opening hours?
Parliament Secretariat
Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 6pm

Group Tours of the House are arranged by appointment only. You may contact the Education & Publicity Department at 6332 5543 for booking details

Please visit our website for more information on the Parliament of Singapore.
What are the Parliament of Singapore entry prices?
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