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Omni-theatre And Planetarium

Omni-Theatre and Planetarium

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he Omni-Theatre and Planetarium a renowned observatory in Singapore which features Singapore’s first IMAX film theatre.

Show times can be found for movies on science topics in the fields of astronomy, oceanography, meteorology and aeronautics.

Omni-Theatre and Planetarium Singapore, Ticket Prices

Watching a movie in the OMNIMAX movie theatre is a completely immersive movie experience. The audience feels transported directly into the film because of the surround sound system and the floor-to-ceiling projection screen.

Every Friday night, the general public is invited to gaze at the stars through the planetarium’s main telescope. Visitors from both the southern and northern hemispheres will be able to see stars that they’ve never seen before due to the observatory’s location. The location of the observatory is geographically very close to the equator, which means that a greater proportion of the stars in the night sky will be visible to observers.

Animal lovers will be thrilled to see that there is also an extensive amount of information offered about creatures such as pandas, lemurs and butterflies. In addition to the theatre and planetarium, this popular attraction also includes a simulation theatre, exhibition room and a classroom.

There is also a restaurant on site where you can take a break and get a bite to eat. To get here, catch the MRT and alight at Jurong East Station on the East West Line and walk for approximately 10 minutes to the planetarium. Parking is also available at $0.60 per hour.

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IMAX Movie
Adult: $14
Child is 3 to 12 years: $14
Senior Citizen Age is 60 years and above: $12
Senior: $10 (weekdays only)

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