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Nagore Dargah

Nagore Dargah

Nagore Dargah is a beautiful shrine built by the South Indian Muslim immigrants of Singapore.

It was constructed from 1828 to 1830, although it was initially given the name of Hamid Dargha.

Nagore Dargah, Indian Muslim Heritage Centre Hours & Map, Singapore

This institution has a long and rich history. It served as a place of worship for some of the country’s earliest Indian Muslim settlers; many of whom came to pray to the shrine’s saint, Shahul Hameed. He was a holy man from South India who was responsible for helping proliferate Islam in India and travelled to cure the sick. Many of the immigrants also came to pray to him in thanks for giving them a safe journey to Singapore.

The two-storey white and peach building is a replica of a Tamil Nadu shrine in India which houses the tomb of Shahul Hameed.

One of its most striking aspects is the facade, which features a 14-tiered niche, crowned by a magnificent dome resembling a wedding cake, punctuated by several intricate motifs, columns, and arches. A replica palace is located above the facade; designed with small windows whose intricate patterns resemble lace, while in its centre is a small doorway.

It was declared a national monument in 1974. After several renovations and upgrading, it now features a dining area featuring Halal food. In 2011, a heritage centre was added, which showcases the culture and diaspora of the Indian Muslims in Singapore.

Nagore Dargah is located at 140 Telok Ayer Street in Singapore. Opening hours are from 10am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 1pm on Saturday.

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