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Masjid Abdul Gafoor

Masjid Abdul Gafoor

The Masjid Abdul Gafoor is one of the oldest mosques in Singapore and is recognised as a National Monument.

Initially built in 1859, a new mosque was constructed over it in 1907 to serve the devotees in the Kampong Kapor area.

Masjid Abdul Gafoor, Mosque Hours & Address, Little India, Singapore

Kampong Kapor was primarily populated by Tamil Muslim and Bawaenese immigrants back then. The Bawaenese were employed as horse groomers, known as sycse, as well as horse trainers at an old racecourse not too far away. On the other hand, the Tamil Muslims were engaged in trade and business here.

The mosque is named after chef clerk Shaik Abdul Gafoor bin Shaik Hyder of the Khory and Brydges law firm. He was one of the top trustees of the previous Dunlop Street Mosque religious endowment and was responsible for raising funds to pay for the construction of the new mosque. Gafoor passed away in 1919, and the new mosque was named in his memory.

By 1927, the Hindu and Mohammedan Endowments Board took over management of the mosque, which led to refurbishment and improvement in its facilities and services. By 1928, the mosque had brand-new electrical lights, and it was one of the first mosques in Singapore to adopt such modern improvements.

In 1979, the mosque was proclaimed a National Monument in recognition of its historical and architectural value. Its design combines Neoclassical, Moorish, and Saracenic elements, with touches of Renaissance and Arab influence. Its exterior walls are adorned with moons and stars; symbols that are widely used in the Islamic faith.

In 2003, the mosque was awarded the Architectural Heritage Award from the Urban Redevelopment Authority to acknowledge its conservation and restoration using modern and traditional elements.

The Masjid Abdul Gafoor is located at 41 Dunlop Street, Singapore.

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