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Jurong Eco-garden

Jurong Eco-Garden

The Jurong Eco-Garden is a 5-hectare garden located within the CleanTech Park in the Western Water Catchment area of Singapore.

Environment-friendly practices, respect for nature, and conservation were prioritised in building the gardens, which serves as the green lungs for the business park.

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Thoughtful features and amenities have been integrated into the gardens, which once served as a secondary forest, allowing it to become a respite not just for humans but wildlife as well.

It’s divided into four zones: Wildlife Corridor, Summit Forest, Freshwater Swamp, and Stream Ravine; all of which contribute to the park’s unique ecology. Over 139 species of plants and animals live in the garden, which includes at least 26 species of butterflies, and the indigenous species are carefully documented. Birds are a common sighting here – many of which fly in from the nearby forest to sip water or dip in the swamp.

Numerous world-class green practices were used in building the gardens. Existing water elements were harnessed to complement the park’s hydrological flow. All habitats already in the park before building, as well as its natural topography, were kept intact. A stormwater management system collects rainwater, which is then used for irrigation and toilet flushing. Materials found in and nearby the park were recycled whenever possible and used in its overall design. A vegetation site was divided into four areas, which were identified using a Biodiversity Impact Assessment report.

Jurong Eco-Garden offers visitors plenty of lush open space perfect for disconnecting, and scenic trails for strolling or jogging. A summit lookout, located 23 meters above the ground, provides you with breathtaking views of the park. Get some exercise in by climbing the 58 steps to the viewpoint. Several beautiful sculptures dot the park, which enhances its natural beauty.

The park is the first development in the country to be given a BCA-NParks Green Mark Platinum Award in New Parks Category. It is also the first business park to be integrated with a tropical rainforest.

Jurong Eco-Gardens is located at 1 Cleantech Loop in Singapore.

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