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JEM, which stands for Jurong East Mall, was the first major shopping and lifestyle complex servicing Singapore’s west.

This award-winning hub caters to budget and mid-range shoppers, and it’s also equipped with world-class recreational and entertainment amenities.

JEM Mall Shops & Stores, Cinema, Food, Parking & Hours, Singapore

The mall has a total of 240 shops throughout its 818,000 square feet of space, spread out over six floors.

Within the complex is the sprawling Jem Park, a stunning rooftop garden combined with green space that provides shoppers with a relaxing place to unwind. Jem Play is a zone dedicated to kids. Its honeycomb-inspired design offers a stimulating and challenging, yet safe, play areas where children can climb, crawl, and have fun.

Jem Street is the alfresco dining and leisurely shopping area of the mall. Jem Market is a gourmand’s paradise on Basement 1, with dozens of food stalls, restaurants, and cafes that cater to every craving.

Family and Parent Rooms can be found within the mall. These thoughtfully-designed spaces provide parents with a private space to nurse their children. They are equipped with feeding rooms, prep area, hot and cold water dispensers, diaper-changing rooms, and toilets for both kids and adults.

Feel free to approach the friendly concierge for all your other needs; these include first aid assistance, lost and found, purchase of gift vouchers, restaurant reservations, wheelchair rentals, and taxi bookings.

The shopping complex has received numerous awards such as the Singapore Building and Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum 4.0 award, Best Innovative Green Building, Best Mixed-Use Development by the Asia Pacific Property Awards, and the 2014 Singapore Property Awards for the Sustainable Development category.

Mall operating hours are 10am to 10pm daily. A free shuttle bus is available for shoppers on weekdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Every 10 minutes, the shuttle bus can take you from JEM to and from International Business Park Bus Stops.

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