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IRAS Gallery

The IRAS Gallery is an educational museum that shares the story of Singapore’s tax system, which is one of the most efficient in the world.

The gallery is owned and operated by the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore), an arm of the Ministry of Finance which handles tax collection.

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Interactive displays, interesting artefacts, and fascinating computer games are used to share the history of Singapore’s tax system.

Step back in time to 1819, when Singapore was founded, and a very basic form of taxes was first introduced through a simple way of revenue collection. When Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded modern Singapore, it was initially intended to be a free port. It was William Farquhar who established taxes initially as a means of income to cover the costs involved in developing the island.

You’ll learn about all of this and more at the gallery; find out how taxes evolved, and how it works in present-day Singapore. Visitors are also given the chance to learn about the many different types of taxes used today: income tax, goods and services tax, property tax, betting taxes, and stamp duties; all of which the IRAS collects. Other government agencies also collect specific types of taxes; such as customs and excise duties, motor vehicle taxes, the foreign worker levy, and others.

Learning about the tax system is helpful because it’s the main driver for the country’s competitive economy, and developing appropriate taxation policies have facilitated new sectors in the economy and investment.

Start your tour of the museum by following the timeline, or take one of the self-guided tours. The fun games give you a chance to play tax detective and learn about the many fulfilling careers available in the tax industry.

The IRAS Gallery is located at level 1 of the Revenue House, 55 Newton Road in Singapore. Operating hours are 8am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays. Admission is free of charge, and all tours are self-guided. Group tours with over 20 people will require advanced registration – at least a month in advance.

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