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Home Team Academy Gallery

Home Team Academy Gallery

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout Singapore and the resulting restrictions imposed by the government, Home Team Academy Gallery has been temporarily closed until further notice. We will keep you up to date any developments and please stay safe.

The Home Team Academy Gallery is a museum showcasing the heritage and achievements of the homeland security agents, the Home Team Departments, as well as the Statutory Boards. These are comprised of the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises, and the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The two-story museum is housed within the Home Team Academy office.

Home Team Academy Gallery – Exhibits, Opening Hours & Address, Singapore

The gallery, which was completed in 2008, offers an in-depth look into the experiences and training exercises of the various homeland security agencies of Singapore.

Come and learn about the many Home Team departments who have played an important role in keeping Singapore safe. All of these agencies have a story to tell, and they all play an essential role in the Home Team unit.

Discover how they handled major operations, national incidents, and exercises; including the Hotel New World Collapse, Operation Ferret, the SARS outbreak, and the Nicoll Highway Collapse – all to gain an appreciation of their services.

These incident pods are located within the first level of the gallery; individually designed to impart detailed information on the various challenges encountered by the officers.

The Home Team Gallery is located at 510 Old Choa Chi Kang Road, Singapore. Admission is free of charge.

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What is the Home Team Academy Gallery address?
510 Old Choa Chi Kang Road, Western Water Catchment, Singapore

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What are the Home Team Academy Gallery opening hours?
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