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Fountain Of Wealth

Fountain of Wealth

The Fountain of Wealth is an awe-inspiring attraction in Suntec City, and one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions.

It was listed as the largest fountain in the world in the 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of Records and is located in one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, which certainly makes it a hub of activity for visitors.

Fountain of Wealth, Laser Show Times, Suntec City Singapore

The water in the fountain is used for two key reasons; water is symbolic of wealth and life, and its inward flow represents the ability to retain wealth within the mall’s vicinity, hence the name, Fountain of Wealth. The fountain’s structure is made from silicon bronze which includes a circular ring with four supportive columns that occupy an area of 1683 square metres. The towering structure stands tall at 13.8 metres. An aerial view of the mall gives away the ingenious design behind the fountain’s location.

The five tower blocks at Suntec City are representative of the fingers and thumb of the left hand as seen from the ground. A closer look at the hub of this mall shows that the fountain constitutes the palm of the left hand.

In addition to this incredible structure, the Fountain of Wealth features jets of water running down the ring. Right at the centre of the fountain is a water screen that has spectacular laser shows that run at night. There is also a huge jet of water that is turned on from time to time, and which shoots a little higher above the ring for a magnificent display.

During specific periods, the fountain is switched off and this gives visitors a chance to walk around the smaller fountain. Here, visitors can collect coins which are believed to possess charm and good luck. As dusk falls, visitors are treated to laser performances, live music and amazing laser message dedications every day between 8pm and 9pm.


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