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Eurasian Heritage Centre

Eurasian Heritage Centre

The Eurasian Heritage Centre is an important cultural attraction that showcases the history of Singapore’s Eurasian community.

Eurasians are one of the four primary ethnicities in the city-state, and they are also some of its earliest citizens.

Eurasian Heritage Centre, Tours, Address & Opening Hours, Singapore

The centre is run and managed by the Eurasian Association, which was formed in June 1919 to promote the entire Eurasian community. They also play an essential role in the community by acting as a self-help group for the public and providing services for the local Eurasians – particularly in the welfare of the needy and educational advancement.

What’s fascinating about the Eurasian community is the fusion of eastern and western traditions. Their origins can be traced back to some of the oldest colonial settlements of the region including Penang, Malacca, Macau, Goa, and Sri Lanka. The centre is a great place to learn about their food and culture as well, through an interesting display for the senses.

History and World War II enthusiasts will be fascinated by the information detailing how the Eurasians survived during the Japanese occupation. At the same time, foodies can sample traditional Eurasian cuisine at Quentin’s, the on-site restaurant. Not to be missed at Quentin’s are the traditional Curry Devil, and beef smore dishes, which are made using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The Eurasian Heritage Centre houses several recreational and business facilities that can be used by the Eurasian community. Public-use facilities include the Platinum Lounge, an air-conditioned venue suitable for 40; a Conference Room, an air-conditioned meeting room equipped with a screen, whiteboard, and projector good for 15; and a Multi-Purpose Hall, air-conditioned and equipped with special lighting suitable for stage productions, good for 200.

The centre is located at 139 Ceylon Road, Singapore. Opening hours are from 9am to 6pm.

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