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Dempsey Hill
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Dempsey Hill

Historically, Dempsey Hill was the old address of Singapore’s ‘Central Manpower Base’ (CMPB), along with some British military quarters.

Today, Dempsey Hill has become one of Singapore’s best resort-themed lifestyle destinations with a number of restaurants and bars for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Dempsey Hill Singapore, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Map & MRT

Dempsey Hill is a one-stop entertainment hub packed with various wine outlets and restaurants. Here you’ll find specialty cafes, seafood bistros and various European and Indian brasseries. One of the most famous restaurants in the area is called The White Rabbit. The restaurant is outfitted within the exquisitely refurbished garrison chapel which was erected during the colonial British era.

The whole place evokes a distinctive old-world charm, despite the many new and modern establishments now dominating Dempsey Hill’s landscape. Nevertheless, the art galleries and the antique shops in the area clearly celebrate Dempsey Hill’s rich history.

Dempsey Hill also has premium grocery outlets selling specialty food items such as jams, cheeses, chocolates and gourmet snacks. Every first and third Saturday of the month, the farmers also hold a market day at Loewen Gardens. Here, visitors can buy fresh homemade pies and pesto, and sample organic fruits and vegetables grown at Dempsey Hill.

Fashion enthusiasts also go to Dempsey Hill to have themselves fitted by some of the best French and Asian couture in the city. Apart from fashionable clothing outlets, the area is also studded with different fitness centres that offer specialised classes.

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