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Central Sikh Gurdwara

Central Sikh Gurdwara

The Central Sikh Gurdwara is an important place of worship for Singapore’s Sikh community.

It was originally known as the Queen Street Gurdwara when it was built in 1912 due to its previous location on Queen Street. The temple’s current location is on Towner Road.

Central Sikh Gurdwara Temple, Timings, Services & Facilities, Singapore

During the early years of the temple, management ran into several problems. At that time, three fractions split up the Sikh community: the Malwa, Majha, and the Doabha Sikhs. By November 1940, the government allowed the Sikhs to appoint their own trustees and the Queen Street Gurdwara Sahib Board of Trustees was created, which represented all the factions. In 1955, a committee suggested the development of a new temple, after which they purchased a property encompassing 9 properties along Queen Street.

After several more redevelopments and relocation, the current temple is now improved with more facilities to better serve the Sikh community. Its facade is made with Sardinian pink granite, and its interior is designed using many kinds of marble. The internal main dome is encrusted with stunning gold, grey, and white mosaics, and its external area features white mosaics. The temple’s dome follows a traditional design, although the rest of the temple adheres to a contemporary look.

The amenities include a prayer hall, dining hall, open-air pool, sub-basement, and a kitchen. The prayer hall can accommodate up to 500 people and is located on the temple’s second floor – just beneath a 13-meter wide dome. It is fully carpeted and has air-conditioning.

The Central Sikh Gurdwara is of significance for the Sikhs not just because it is a place of worship, but also because it houses the holy scriptures known as Sahib Ji. Sikhism dictates that the presence of the holy scriptures makes the gurdwara (temple) an important religious establishment.

Aside from serving as a place of worship, the temple also has a library, dormitory, rooms for visitors, and an office. A handful of Sikh organisations also work in the temple, including the Singapore Sikh Education Foundation, the Sikh Youth Centre, and the Central Sikh Gurdwara Board.

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