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Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery was formerly a Chinese cemetery and one of the biggest grave sites for the Chinese people who lived in Singapore.

Presently, the cemetery lies between the road of Mount Pleasant and Lorne Road. The ‘Brown’ contained within the name of the cemetery is derived from the first person who owned the location, George Brown.

Bukit Brown Cemetery Tour, History & Address, Singapore Map

In 1922, the Bukit Brown Cemetery became an official burial ground for people of Chinese origin. The burial ground received numerous burials and, as a result, it closed down as the demand exceeded its capacity.

Thereafter, the cemetery became a protected area for wildlife species and artistic monuments. The location has since become a paradise for nature lovers who visit the cemetery to enjoy the scenery and admire the diverse wildlife species.

Since the region was a grave site, it acts as a historic destination where individuals visiting the area get the opportunity to remember past events and the reverence accorded to the dead at the time. Together with the variety of birds, animals and plants, the cemetery becomes a stunning place and an exceptional tourism attraction.

As a protected area, Bukit Brown Cemetery has a number of activities that run throughout the year. These include nature walks, mid-autumn festivals and sightseeing. Moreover, to increase the effectiveness of the tour, the cemetery produced digital and online register of individuals buried and a map that provides directions to visitors and descendants of the departed individual buried in the cemetery.

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