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Boat Quay

Boat Quay

In the ancient past, Boat Quay was known to be the road along the Quay, but today it has changed to a beautiful large pedestrian walkway.

Back in the 1860’s, when Boat Quat was part of the Port of Singapore and was the busiest section of the entire port. Now, Boat Quay has a number of restaurants and bars which are popular with visitors and locals alike.

Boat Quay Singapore Map, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Food

Boat Quay is a place that houses a variety of commercial establishments all under one roof. Here, you will find classic restaurants, bars, pubs and dining areas as well.

There are many varied restaurants and bars along the waterfront at Boat Quay and you will find a diverse range of dishes. There are seafood restaurants, Malaysian restaurants and Thai Restaurants. If you just want to enjoy a quiet drink along the water, there are bars serving their own brewed beer as well as an English Pub where you can grab a pint and a tasty meal.

Most tourists find Boat Quay as a relaxing place to get everything without having to move from one place to another. Anyone who has been to Boat Quay will never forget the beauty and serenity of this magnificent place. Grab a table alongside the water, or find a restaurant with air conditioning. There are plenty of options to suit all visitors.

There are countless of fascinating places to visit in this beautiful country none the less is the Boat Quay. Its tourist attraction sites are known to leave tourists wanting for more. When you are in Singapore, the least thing you can do is to visit Boat Quay, a worthy place to remember.

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