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Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

The Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail is an excellent way to get to know the stories behind in this charming neighbourhood.

Although it’s best known for its eclectic boutiques, trendy cafes, and unique architecture, there’s certainly much more to Tiong Bahru than meets the eye.

Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail, Guided History Tour, PDF Guide Map, Singapore

The National Heritage Board launched the trail on April 2013 as an effort to help uncover the rich history and traditions of this area. It’s comprised of 10 stops and is 2.5 kilometres long; easy enough to do in just about an hour. You can book a guided walking tour of the trail, but it’s actually quite simple to do on your own since a helpful storyboard can be found at all the stops.

The trail begins at the Tiong Bahru Market, where you get a glimpse into its history and how the neighbourhood originated. The second stop is the crossroads of Seng Poh Road and Tiong Bahru Road, which is famous for its bird corner and the Gourd Temple, also known as the Hu Lu Temple.

Then walk on over to the private burial site of Tan Tock Seng, one of Singapore’s most well-loved philanthropists and early pioneers. Next is the Outram Precinct, a hilly area that once served as a military site. The fifth stop is the Monkey God Temple, which was established in 1920.

For the sixth stop, walk around and admire the art deco architecture of Tiong Bahru and its many flats. Many of them use brick on their balconies, which has come to be a distinct feature of homes in this area.

Up next is the Community Centre, then the Seng Poh Garden and the Dancing Girl Sculpture, and the Horseshoe Block. The trail culminates at the areas around Lim Liak and Seng Poh roads.

Feel free to customise any part the Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail in whichever way you wish. Grab a map or booklet before you set out to avoid getting lost. You can also view the PDF guide here.

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