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Thekchen Choling

Thekchen Choling is a small Buddhist temple in Singapore, which promotes non-sectarian Buddhism with an emphasis on Mahayana and Theravada teachings.

The origins of the temple date back to 1999 when the late Geshe Lama Konchog mandated Lama Thubten Namdrol Dorje to establish a Dharma centre. This is where the temple gets its name, because it translates to the “Great Mahayana Dharma Temple,” after the monastery of the Dalai Lama.

Thekchen Choling, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Hours & Address, Singapore

Through the temple, Geshe-la hoped to spread awareness that one could practise the Dharma without having to be an ordained Sangha. This is why the activities in the temple are focused on helping people learn how to practice the Dharma in their everyday lives, and eventually lead fulfilled lives because of it.

The temple was formally registered in Singapore by 2001. It started with a small following, and today over, five thousand devotees visit regularly.

It houses an impressive array of statues and holy objects including the Jowo Sambhogakaya Buddha, the first giant Mani wheel; the largest Shakyamuni Buddha applique thanka found in Southeast Asia, the largest applique Guru Rinpoche thangka in the region, and the largest Tibetan style 1,000 armed Chenrezig in Singapore. The only Mig Chenrezig in the country is found here too, as well as a 200-year-old Jigong.

With renowned spiritual directors at the helm, the temple’s spiritual activities and programmes continue to benefit the community. Some of their activities include weekly classes in both Mandarin and English, which guide people on how to practice Buddhadharma, free printing and distribution of Dharma books, teaching Dharma to children, community outreach, educational bursaries, lectures on holistic living, and much more.

Services offered include consultation with Rinpoche (spiritual director), Puja request, wedding solemnisation, oracle healing, yearly auspicious lights, and bereavement services.

Thekchen Choling is located on 2 Beatty Lane in Singapore. It is the only Tibetan temple in Singapore that is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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