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Newater Visitor Centre

NEWater Visitor Centre

The NEWater Visitor Centre is a fun educational attraction for all ages, where visitors can come to a working water factory to learn about how Singapore’s national tap water systems work.

NEWater currently operates five plants in Singapore, all of which supply around 40% of the country’s water needs.

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The factory was launched in 2003, which also serves as a museum and educational attraction to the public, intending to raise awareness on the importance of water sustainability.

The tours, which are focused on water conservation, starting with an informative video screening about Singapore’s water consumption. It highlights the need to save this valuable resource and provides useful insight into how you can do so at home.

The tour also takes visitors through helpful exhibits which display facts regarding water usage and water efficiency. Kids will love the interactive exhibit called Water Heroes; a multi-player game that assigns an avatar to each player whose objective is to collect as much water as possible to win points.

One of the most exciting aspects of the visit to the factory is seeing the Deep Tunnel Sewage System from the viewing gallery. The short walk gives you a glimpse into the process behind how NEWater is made, as well as a look into the steps involved, including microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection. Although visitors don’t get to see much else aside from water passing through pipes, the professional tour guides give an in-depth explanation so that visitors of all ages easily understand it. At the end of the tour, everyone receives a bottle of NEWater.

Tours at the NEWater Visitor Centre last around 45 minutes long. Although tours are free of charge, it’s essential to make a booking online beforehand. There are several tours conducted throughout the day so finding a suitable time for your group is easy.

The centre is located at 20 Koh Sek Lim Road in Singapore.

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