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Level 33

Level 33

Level 33 is a bar and restaurant that has become one of the most stylish dining locations in Singapore.

This is in part due to the magnificent view from the restaurant which overlooks the Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline.

Level 33 Singapore Address, Craft Beer & Restaurant Menu Prices

The restaurant is located in the financial centre of Marina Bay and offers an excellent selection of food and drinks for people visiting the area.

Walking into the venue, visitors will see the massive copper brew house kettles that take centre stage. From these, you can try some of the best craft beers in Singapore whilst enjoying the quiet ambience of the venue.

The restaurant is well known for its selection of craft beers and Level 33 also has a conceptual selection of food menus that can be enjoyed round the clock. One of the most popular dishes here is the exotic spicy ribs coated with Moroccan spices served with hummus.

Lunches are also popular at Level 33 as the menu offers a wide selection of choices including steaks, fish, pasta, soups and salads.

If you are visiting the city of Singapore on a holiday then visit Level 33 and experience drinking craft brews up in the high grounds of the highest brewery in the world. You will not be disappointed in the wide selection of food and drinks that are available for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

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What is the Level 33 address?
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1
8 Marina Blvd, Downtown Core, Singapore