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Gan Heritage Centre

Gan Heritage Centre

The Gan Heritage Centre was established to preserve and honour the contributions and heritage of the Gan Clan.

This living museum houses an impressively comprehensive archive, as well as illustrations and documents of the history of the Gan family, who are prominent figures in Chinese history.

Gan Heritage Centre, Ticket Price, Tour & Opening Hours, Singapore

Many of the Gan population migrated to Nanyang, which marked the beginning of a new chapter for the family. This led to the establishment of the Gan Clan Singapore, as well as other factions in and outside of the region.

The Gan Clan Association was formed in 1966, a non-profit organisation whose history dates back to 1926. The association has around 700 members and continues to grow; acknowledged locally and internationally for their significant achievements.

The group is also the very first international Chinese group to create a memorial dedicated to their ancestors. In 1991, the Gan Clan Association hosted the initial World Gan Clan conference, which was attended by over 300 people from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United States, and Canada.

Additionally, the centre is the first of its kind to narrate both Confucius and Yan Zi, his best disciple. Visitors can come to learn about the fascinating history of the Gan community while learning about Chinese culture. Guided tours for a maximum of 30 people per session are subject to the availability of the centre’s volunteer guides. Each tour lasts around 35 minutes. Schools may opt for special guided tour programs: a General Training Session (2 hours) and a Specialised Training Session (30 minutes) are available.

Admission is free, but interested visitors are required to make an appointment. Operating hours are 2pm to 6pm on weekdays.

The Gan Heritage Centre is located at 18 Bukit Pasoh Road in Singapore.

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