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Armenian Church Singapore

Armenian Church Singapore

There is no doubt that the Armenian Church Singapore is the finest landmark in Singapore’s early architectural development. It is situated in the Museum planning area at the Hill Street in the central business district.

You can take a walk in the lush gardens and admire its architecture. You can also step inside to look at the vaulted ceiling and cupola which is one of the most admired traditional features of this church.

Armenian Church Singapore – Photography & Opening Hours

George Coleman is remembered for designing and building the finest historical buildings in Singapore and the Armenian Church is considered to be his masterpiece. He completed this amazing structure in 1835 after which it was consecrated and dedicated to the first patriarch, St Gregory the Illuminator.

If you are touring Singapore, your journey will not be complete until you visit this church. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens which makes it the best place to celebrate your wedding. Regardless of your denomination, you can be granted the opportunity to hold your wedding, memorial or baptism parties in this national monument.

The Armenian Church Singapore is also a unique place for people interested in personal or commercial filming. Whether it is fashion or or amateur photography, you are welcome to come and photograph this beautiful church. It also offers a calm and serene environment for people who need some time away for contemplation.

The church has seating capacity of 100 and has an adjacent garden which can accommodate 200 guests. You can easily make your booking online at the comfort of your home so that you can start making the necessary arrangements for your event.

Otherwise, just come past for a look inside this beautiful church during your time in Singapore. If you are looking for accommodation in Singapore, click the link below to find the best deals.

60 Hill St
Singapore, Singapore

Opening Hours
Daily: 9am – 6pm

Phone Number
+65 6334 0141

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