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Check out all the fun things to see and do in Singapore by browsing through our list of attractions and activities.

From the best cafes and restaurants to the best free things to do in Downtown Singapore and surrounding the suburbs, there is plenty to discover in Singapore.

Singapore Guides – Local Travel Tips & Advice for Visitors & Tourists

Singapore is such an interesting place with bustling malls, beautiful parklands, vast waterways and the many skyscrapers. From the best activities for kids, to how to spend the most romantic night in Singapore, we have compiled some handy lists to get your mind flowing with ideas.

Singapore is home to some of the best bars and restaurants, so if you are looking to find the best secret hotspot, or just try Singapore’s best cocktail, you’ve come to the right place.

View Singapore from all angles as you read through our handy list of attractions and discover something off the beaten track. Click the links below.

singapore wedding venues 3

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues in Singapore

If something can match up to the importance of the bridal dress in a Singaporean wedding, it has to be the wedding venue! Choosing a venue in Singapore is never easy because there are so many. Each one stands out with...

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How to Enjoy Singapores Best Camping Sites

Quality time in Singapore is not only defined by unlimited shopping and fine dining, but also the desire to enjoy nature’s best attractions. Setting up a tent while communing with life away from the comforts of home is...

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