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Mega Adventure Park

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The Mega Adventure Park is a family-friendly attraction on Sentosa Island and is located on Imbiah Hill.

The park attracts a huge number of visitors for sports, refreshments and entertainment. The most interesting feature of the park is the 450-metre zip-line which shoots down from Imbiah Hill.

Mega Adventure Park – Zip Line Sentosa Island Singapore, Ticket Prices

The zip line is positioned at a height of 75 metres above ground-level and runs along the jungle, the shore and the sea. The zip line runs down to Siloso beach Island over a distance of 450 metres at 60km/hr. This is the most exciting and one of the longest, most extreme zip wires in all of Asia.

Whilst at Mega Adventure Park, try out the ClimbMax. ClimbMax is a high-rope adventure course, where there are three levels of high hanging rope-obstacle course (12 obstacles at each level), mounted above the 15-metre high eucalyptus trees. Participants are provided with absolute safety with full body equipment and harnesses.

The ParaJump, also known as the ‘Leap of Faith’, is an invigorating parachute jump sport which is connected to a power-fan descender that safeguards the participant and ensures maximum safety. Jump off a platform that is over 15 metres high and experiences an exhilarating free-fall.

If you are a keen rock-climber, try the NorthFace, a 16-metre wall with three different available pathways to reach the top. Under the guidance of the trained instructors, you will be able to enjoy a safe and thrilling journey to the top.

Sports attire and runners are highly recommended (no sandals or thongs). Skirts and dresses are not recommended. Lockers and bottled water are provided on site and the MegaZip has a minimum height requirement of 90cm and a maximum weight of 140kgs.

So come down to the Mega Adventure Park and have an exhilarating day of fun! Click the link below to book your tickets today!

10A Siloso Beach Walk
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Opening Hours
11am to 7pm

Phone Number
+65 6722 3785

Email Address

Ticket Prices / Admission
24% Off All Zip Lining Passes Save an Extra 12% Off When You Spend Over $200 with Promo Code ''EXPLORENEW''
Regular Pricing
Mega Zip: $50
MegaZip 2 Rides: $65
MegaClimb: $50
MegaJump: $30
MegaBounce : $15
Combo Tickets also available

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